You've worked hard your whole life to make a statement about yourself, your beliefs, and who you want to become – don't settle for "just a house."  At Schroeder Real Estate, we value individuality, beauty, and thought; if you are buying, the homes we're going to show you reflect that.  If you are selling your home, it deserves great attention to the details that have made it your unique and special space.

Schedule a meeting with me for your real estate consultation, to help in finding that home of your desires or for selling your current home, for relocation and for any real estate related services.  I have people!  We are here to help.

You will be directly connected to our area MLS so that you can see the most current info for each listing you are examing.

Also, we do love our Veterans, and currently serving military.  We can provide special guidance to your and your family for relocation, selling and purchasing a home.  We are glad to give back to honor your brave service to our nation.

a home that's as unique as you are

a big investment

Real Estate Professionals - Providing Legendary Service

the highlights

When we say we have beautiful homes here in our desert area, you don't just have to take our word for it.  You can see for yourself.  I can answer your questions about location, style, pricing, community, walkability, etc., and have many resources to assist with your transaction.

It's a special event - finding the home of your dreams and I am anxious to help you reach that pot of gold!

Our lead "greeter" Hamlet, will be happy to welcome you and get you started with your real estate transaction.  He will help us dig deep for the exceptional and distictive characteristics of the home you wish to sell or to purchase.  He also is responsible for keeping us doggedly focused on you and following up with every detail needed to market your special home or to find the home of your dreams.